Forestdirect is located in the city of Curitiba (PR) Brazil. Our team has been working in the wood industry for over 10 years. We have developed partnerships with mills in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Columbia and Chile. We are also building strong relationships with mills in China and Malaysia, extending the range of products we can offer you.

Using our services means you are getting a serious company that respects partnership. We follow through on our promise to ensure that you get a close and completely transparent experience with our suppliers. Leveraging with our company means you get higher quality products and more competitive pricing.

Let us take the responsibility for finding the mill for each and every enquiry you have.

We take control of your order. Every step of the process is monitored on your behalf. We understand that every company has differing requirements and for this reason we set up processes around your needs.

Controlling the quality, confirming shipping space and getting your order shipped to the port on time is all done in a swift and professional manner. Our logistics department will also ensure that your documentation is prepared correctly, sent to you on time and according to the terms agreed.

We respect your deadlines.

Av. Republica Argentina, 2275 - Sl. 915 - Curitiba, PR 80610-260 - Brazil
E-mail: - Phone: +55 41 4062-0075